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Maryland Women’s Basketball Winners

The University of Maryland Men’s basketball team which has been ranked in top 5 for part of the season and the top 10 for almost all of the season seems to be in free fall at this point. They are now ranked 14 and could go lower still. The women’s team on the other hand is on a roll and doing great.

Maryland Women Win Big Ten

The other teams in the Big Ten are probably sorry that Maryland was asked to join the conference. The women have dominated since joining the conference. Maryland is now has 30 wins and only 3 losses on the season. They won the Big Ten regular season last year and this year. They won the Big Ten tournament last year and this year.

Although they were behind by 2 at half time, Maryland ended up beating Michigan State 60-44. This is their night win in a row and they are looking forward to continue winning and getting at least to the Final Four if not the Championship. Their only losses in the Big Ten were both to Ohio State. However, Ohio State didn’t make it to the finals of the tournament so Maryland didn’t have to deal with them again.

Maryland was Questioned at Beginning of Season

Because Maryland had several dominant players graduate after last season, some wondered how they would do this year. However,  Shatori Walker-Kimbrough, Brene Mosely and others stepped up and the team has done just as well or better this year than last.

Michigan State came out strong and Maryland was on a cold streak for parts of the first half. They stepped up their defense in the second half and that made the difference. The defense was so good that Michigan State only shot 2 for 11 in the fourth quarter.  Maryland won despite scoring less than in any other game this year, shooting only 35% and having 19 turnovers.

Maryland Ranked #5

Although Maryland is in first place in the Big Ten, it is ranked 5th nationally, with Connecticut once again being ranked in first place. So getting to the Final Four is not a given by any stretch of the imagination. We wish them the best of luck though.