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Lumberjack Competitions

If you like Lumberjack Competitions then you will love Tree Services Annapolis. They can put on a show in your own back yard for the right price. Its one thing to drop a tree in the middle of a forest where you don’t have to worry which way it falls too much as long as it doesn’t fall on your or your equipment. Try doing it in an urban or suburban setting where you can’t damage any other trees nearby and you have to worry about houses or other buildings and you can’t drop it on shrubbery or flower gardens or ponds. It takes a different type of skill.

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What do 1090 AM radio, Baltimore Used Appliances, and Pat’s Pub have to do with sports? We usually talk about the major sports and major sports teams, but what about going down past the minor leagues, past college, past high school to when we were really young, to elementary school.

We had different local businesses sponsoring our local little league baseball teams. The team I played on was the 1090s, sponsored by 1090 AM radio station which broadcast all the Orioles games and probably the Colts games as well. Continue reading Amateurs