Lumberjack Competitions

If you like Lumberjack Competitions then you will love Tree Services Annapolis. They can put on a show in your own back yard for the right price. Its one thing to drop a tree in the middle of a forest where you don’t have to worry which way it falls too much as long as it doesn’t fall on your or your equipment. Try doing it in an urban or suburban setting where you can’t damage any other trees nearby and you have to worry about houses or other buildings and you can’t drop it on shrubbery or flower gardens or ponds. It takes a different type of skill.

Even if you have a pond though, it is unlikely you will see them doing log rolling in your yard. Have you ever seen a lumberjack competition? They are impressive. One of the events in the competition is to see who is fastest chopping through a log with an axe. They must really carefully sharpen the axes because it is amazing how fast they chop through a good sized log.

Saw Competition

Then there is the two man saw competition. There is a handle at each end of a long saw with amazingly large teeth. When one person pulls the other pushes. They compete against other teams to see who can saw through a large log the fastest.

Log Rolling

Then there is the aforementioned log rolling competition. It is a lot of fun to watch and probably to do as well. Two guys (or ladies) stand on a large log floating in the water. When they are both balanced the referee says go and they start trying to knock the other one off the log. But they don’t do it by pushing. They use their feet to roll the log forward or backwards, switching direction or going really fast in one direction until one person loses their balance and falls off.

Tree Climbing

They also have a tree climbing competition. They  have two logs / tree trunks set up vertically, maybe 20 or 30 feet high. They have shoes with special spikes and they have a belt or harness around their waist and then another belt that they loop around the “tree” back to their waist. When they get the signal, they climb the tree as fast as they can and back down again. The first one to touch wins. They kind of walk up the tree with their spikes and use their hands and body motion to hike the strap up the tree a couple of feet at a time as they walk up the tree with their spiked boots.