Orioles Reborn

By now you have probably heard that Baltimore had a small problem with riots. That caused an issue with Oriole’s scheduling. When they finally played a home game again, it was like opening day all over again. There were people arriving in limousines and there was a festive mood.

Freddie Gray

It all started with Freddie Gray seeing police and running. They thought this was suspicious so they chased him and caught him and arrested him. They didn’t find anything on him except a knife that they said was illegal. They threw him in the police van and took him to the station. He asked for medical help several times. They got him to the station and he was having major problems. They took him to the hospital.

He died of complications from a broken neck and a crushed voice box. How does that happen from getting arrested? The Medical Examiner has ruled it homicide. Seems reasonable.

Protests and Riots

What started as days of peaceful protest against the police tactics suddenly turned violent on the day of his funeral. We are not clear why it turned. It had been peaceful and we are not sure what cause the spark on this particular day. Granted, the fuel was their for unhappiness and unrest, but why that day?

Home or Away?

That started a strange set of games for the Orioles. First a game was cancelled because they were worried for fan safety. Then they played a game with no spectators. That must have been so strange for the players. The reason for that decision was that normally there are a lot of police around at games keeping things under control and directing traffic. Those police were needed in the volatile areas of the city to keep order.

Then they had a home series which got moved to the Tampa Bay Rays’ ball park. So it was counted as a home game but played in front of mostly the Rays fans.

The unrest in Baltimore settled down fairly quickly and they sent the National Guard home earlier than planned. The Orioles played two actual away series.

Home at Last!

It was at this point that the Orioles came back to play another home series against the Blue Jays. This time actually at home. And after the craziness, people were ready to celebrate. It was like opening day all over again. Very festive atmosphere. And luckily everything went smoothly and there were no incidents. Plus, they won!